I am a rider and I design and build bikes for riders

In 2018 I decided to create my own brand EMG71Cycles with the motto “Don’t Ride Commercial” which is the basis of all my creations. In fact, my desire is that every cyclist may live his passion for cycling with a product that identifies him for style and driving characteristics without having to settle for commercial products conforming to market standards.

My logo, composed of the initials of my name and my year of birth, represents my desire to do, to realize a dream made of passion and sacrifice.

In fact, according to numerology, 71 is a clear symbol of:


The passion I have for the bicycle


The sacrifice to be able to create something


The love for beautiful things

In my work I draw inspiration from my homeland, Sicily, which inspired the names of my bicycles but is also the test ground and laboratory for all my creatures. Sicily is a fantastic and mythological land. In Greek mythology, the Cyclops are described as skilled craftsmen, high connoisseurs of the art of iron working. Just as the Cyclops forged metal for the Gods, we will forge the steel of your frames to give you a product that meets your needs and your driving habits. This is why we have decided to remain faithful to the origins by using such iconic material as steel to produce our frames, but we will do so without forgetting the state of the art of technology and innovation.

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